Sečovlje Salina Nature Park


On the basis of regulations stipulated by the national law on nature conservation, entrance fee is charged for each visit of Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. By buying a ticket, you become a park visitor and are covered by personal accident insurance. The Park may be visited individually or in groups. For organised groups (min. 15 persons), guided tours are provided which, however, must be announced in advance. 

Guided tours through the Park are intended for the visitors who wish to get to know a little more about Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and its salt-making tradition, apart from having a pleasant walk through it.

A guided tour through Lera lasts for at least one hour and a half, with the tour including some two kilometres long walk from the Entrance at Lera to the Visitor Centre, and back. During the walk, the guide (nature conservation supervisor) presents Sečovlje Salina Nature Park (flora, fauna, cultural heritage) and the salt-making procedure to the visitors. In the Visitor Centre, a short film is envisaged to be shown to the visitors, as well as presentation of the water regime with an interactive scale model of the salt-pans. From the scenic viewpoint platform, a panoramic view of the wider area of the salina is also possible, while in the nearby restaurant "Fioret" (The Flower of Salt) drinks are served, as well as food on a preliminary agreement. At Lera, the shop »Lera« is located, where salt and other products associated with it can be purchased. Above the shop is a gallery, where art works by acknowledged as well as less known artists are exhibited.

The Bird watching
The Bird watching is the observation of birds in nature. Is an extraordinary passion that can capture everyone, adults and children. The world of Birding is an endless discovery because there are infinite species of birds to be observed, like the many different habitats in which to practice, colored like the four seasons of the year. So far, 300 bird species have been established at the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. And why can we find so many different birds here? The salt-pans constitute a large water body, which the birds use as their roosting site or wintering grounds.
All seasons are suitable for birdwatching, but the most fascinating are spring and autumn, owing to a higher concentration of species as well as to the colours of the surrounding environment. 
The Birdwatching program takes 3 hours. Maximum number of participants is 12. 

Suitable footwear and clothing depending on weather conditions are recommended.  

The Museum of Salt-making is located at Fontanigge along the Giassi Channel, where one of the four restored salt-pan houses with a museal collection and a salt-field with the appertaining inflow channel with seawater is located. The Museum of Salt-making offers a guided tour to the visitors as well! The trail along the Dragonja River from the entrance gate to the Museum is about 2.5 km long (one way). The Museum can also be visited by »Solinarka« boat, by electric train, by bike, by foot and (exceptionally) by bus.

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