The aim of the network is to assure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats.

News on LIFE MANSALT activities

News on LIFE MANSALT activities

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Here you can find all media reports about the project and publications prepared for information and awareness raising within the framework of the project.


The five-year LIFE URca PROEMYS project for the conservation of the pond turtle in Slovenia and Italy has started in Genoa. The project leader is WWF Italy and, in addition to the 7 Italian partners, the Public Institute Krajinski Park Ljubljansko barje and Soline Pridelava soli d.o.o. are also participating in the project.

Start date: 1/10/2022

End date: 9/30/2027

Funding line: LIFE Program

Beneficiary coordinator: WWF Italy

Associated beneficiaries:

- 7 Italian partners: University of Florence, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Costa Edutainment/Acquario di Genova, University of Pisa, Centro Studi Bionaturalistici Srl, Parco Lombardo Valle del Ticino, Ente di gestione per i Parchi e la Biodiversità Emilia Centrale

- 2 Slovenian partners: SOLINE Pridelava soli d.o.o. and Javni zavod Krajinski Park Ljubljansko Barje

The project aims to improve the conservation status of the native pond turtle Emys orbicularis in Italy and Slovenia by maintaining the genetic diversity of existing populations.

Emys orbicularis is one of the most widespread pond turtle species in southern and Central Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa. Its habitat consists of wet environments such as ponds, lakes, rivers and swamps.

The survival of this species is threatened by the alteration, fragmentation and destruction of natural habitats, the presence of alien pond turtles species, disturbance and predation of eggs and young individuals, loss of genetic identity of populations in different territories and, to date, the absence of plans and strong coordination of actions for its conservation.

The project includes the following actions to improve its conservation status:

·         the drafting of an Integrated Management Plan, which will ensure proper management of this species in all territories where it is present,

·         the control of invasive alien species in 39 Natura 2000 sites, through the capture of specimens and their fostering in specialized shelters,

·         habitat restoration in at least 30 selected sites, covering a total area of 9 hectares, including different types of wetlands, marshes, riverine areas, forested or coastal dunes, and floodplains, in the two Countries involved,

·         repopulation in the wild in at least 13 targeted sites through the controlled environment breeding activities of 7 breeding centers, which will be upgraded as appropriate.

For information: #EM#75736162747769626570794b7b7a68217965#EM#

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