Project work

The financial resources that were acquired through the project tasks successfully renew and maintain Sečovlje pans.

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Through the website you can send to your friends a postcard with a beautiful design of the park.

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Publishing activities and reports

The KPSS are dealing with publishing and editorial activities. At the same time, there are also published in professional and other reports related to the activity of KPSS. Browse through and download them!


Sarcocornia fruticosa

is a succulent, too. The lower part of its stem is slightly lignified, which is one of the characteristics of perennial plants.

At the time of blooming, Shrubby Glasswort is nothing special owing to its reduced flowers, while in the autumn, when it acquires its beautiful red tinges, it certainly attracts all our attention. As there is not enough fresh water in the salty ground at that time, the plant does not acquire enough nitrogen and therefore colours itself red. 

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