Project work

The financial resources that were acquired through the project tasks successfully renew and maintain Sečovlje pans.

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Unforgettable memory

Through the website you can send to your friends a postcard with a beautiful design of the park.

KPSS publications
Publishing activities and reports

The KPSS are dealing with publishing and editorial activities. At the same time, there are also published in professional and other reports related to the activity of KPSS. Browse through and download them!


Limonium angustifolium

is a perennial with a strong rhizome, evergreen, hard and leathery leaves and tiny violet flowers.

It is a halophyte equipped with salt glands on the surface of its leaves. Through them it discharges the surplus salt, which in dry weather appears in the shape of tiny cubes. Some time ago it used to be picked as a decorative dry flower, which is the reason why its existence has been greatly endangered in the Sečovlje Salina.

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