Project work

The financial resources that were acquired through the project tasks successfully renew and maintain Sečovlje pans.

Send greeting card
Unforgettable memory

Through the website you can send to your friends a postcard with a beautiful design of the park.

KPSS publications
Publishing activities and reports

The KPSS are dealing with publishing and editorial activities. At the same time, there are also published in professional and other reports related to the activity of KPSS. Browse through and download them!

Natural habitats

At Lera, the characteristic habitats of plant and animal species are limited to differently saline salt-fields, salt-pan channels and levees.

Even more diverse habitats can be found in the Fontanigge area with its reeds, halophyte meadows, dry, bare or gradually overgrown basins, islets in salt-pan basins, mudflats, and different habitat types on the banks. The remains of salt-pan houses, too, are highly inviting for some animal and plant species. The Fontanigge is enclosed by shrubbery as well as dry and wet karst meadows, while the high-sea embankments in the west are being washed by the shallow sea.

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