Project work

The financial resources that were acquired through the project tasks successfully renew and maintain Sečovlje pans.

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Through the website you can send to your friends a postcard with a beautiful design of the park.

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Publishing activities and reports

The KPSS are dealing with publishing and editorial activities. At the same time, there are also published in professional and other reports related to the activity of KPSS. Browse through and download them!


Halosalda lateralis

The banks of pools or basins and the grounds slightly saturated with water are the natural sites of Shorebugs, which during their restless running look for prey with their big eyes.

They are amongst the most primary bugs, with many primitive characteristics. The Shorebugs are very diversely coloured, for one can find specimens with almost utterly light or utterly dark wings. Most of them have, however, dark and light spots.

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