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The financial resources that were acquired through the project tasks successfully renew and maintain Sečovlje pans.

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Through the website you can send to your friends a postcard with a beautiful design of the park.

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The KPSS are dealing with publishing and editorial activities. At the same time, there are also published in professional and other reports related to the activity of KPSS. Browse through and download them!


Capreolus capreolus

This gracious and timid deer is known, as a representative of different races, all over Europe.

In spite of the fact that it prefers to keep close to well overgrown places, in which it can hide during the day, the Roe Deer is today a regular visitor of Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. Quite often, some of them reach the very heart of the pans, and are particularly numerous when entering the Park to lick salt in it. Some individuals live at Stojbe and are at times seen swimming across the Dragonja river

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