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KPSS visit in 2023

In the period 2002-2023, 826,862 visitors came to the KPSS. In 2023, we received 48,081 visitors, which is 2,651 fewer than the previous year. The majority of visitors (42,837) visited the Lera area. The Fontanigge area received 5,244 visitors.

In 2023, 470 guided tours were carried out.11,873 visitors took part in the guided tour at Lera, while 3,754 visitors took part in the guided tour at the Saltworks Museum. The proportion of visitors was as follows: 36.5% domestic visitors, 63.5% foreign visitors, with German (28.3%) and English (17.2%) speakers accounting for the largest numbers, followed by Italian speakers (5.1%), French speakers (2.8%) and other languages (0.1%). The number of guided tours in Slovenian was 46.5%.
In terms of the structure of the guided visitors, children and students rank first (44.9%), followed by adult visitors (40.4%), pensioners (6.6%), representatives of the Seventh Force and foreign tourist organisations (6.8%) and people with special needs (1.3%).
58 annual passes were sold and 37 free annual passes were given to participants in the clean-up campaign. 2,178 family tickets, 15,215 adult tickets and 15,971 children's, pupils', students' and pensioners' tickets were sold, and 2,343 visitors entered the KPSS free of charge (CŠOD Burja, group escorts, guides, etc.).
A total of 46,859 visitors entered the park by land, while 1,222 visitors arrived by boat. 2,690 people entered the park by bicycle.
Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida was visited by 7,425 visitors in 2023.
The electric train transported 3,754 visitors 193 times to the Saltworks Museum at Fontanigge.

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