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KPSS at the Saltworks Workshop on Governance in Protected Areas in Ulcinj

28.11.2023 A two-day meeting of representatives of the Municipality of Ulcinj, the Montenegrin Ministry of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development and Northern Development, and representatives of good practices in protected areas and salt pans management has started.

The meeting, which took place in the Ulcinj Salt Pans, was also attended by KPSS representative Iztok Škornik, who presented the history and development of KPSS management in a workshop entitled "Saltworks Governance in Protected Areas: learning from Regional best Practices to Shape the Future of Ulcinj Saltworks Management". 

In the framework of the WBC-RRI.NET project, implemented by the Science and Technology Park of Montenegro and the NGO ZONa, a workshop on "Governance and Public Engagement for the Ulcinj Saltpans" was organised with the support of the Municipality of Ulcinj. 
The workshop presented the development experiences of two successful salt pans from the region. Using the specific case of Sečovlje in Slovenia, Mr Iztok Škornik, Assistant for Nature Conservation Monitoring, spoke about the development phase of the salt pans and the current operating model.
Ms Nikolina Franušić Bajlo, Research and Development and Tourism Specialist, presented the Paška Salt Pans in Croatia and the path they have followed to reach their current stage of development. Also during the workshop, Ms Danka Caković, Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Montenegro, spoke about the flora, habitats and conservation perspective in the context of the development of the Ulcinj Salt Pans.

Today's workshop is part of the WBC-RRI.NET project, which focuses on the implementation of responsible research and innovation in the Western Balkans, and is organised by the Scientific and Technological Park of Montenegro (NTP) and the NGO Knowledge, Education, Science (ZONa), with the support of the Municipality of Ulcinj.

We believe that these activities and the experience of the salt pans in the region will be of great help in planning the future development of the Ulcinj salt pans.

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