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COLLECTION OF FAMILY SALT in the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

We have prepared an interesting " Salt collecting Family Program", which takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.00: Would you like to discover what is a "gavero", what are "taperini", how much salt can a salter collect in one day?

On the salt field in front of the Salt Museum, we can answer to your questions and explain and show you that the collection of salt is not so easy as it seems .
At the entrance to the park you can rent bicycles for free (there are also children's bicycles and children's seats available), drive to the Museum of Salt-making, where one of our salters will wait for you, try to collect your first salt crystals, then have a guided tour through the Museum of salt-making and return to the reception/parking. Each visitor will take home a small bag of salt, which he collected during the visit.
The program lasts approximately 2 hours (the duration of the program is 1,5 hours and an additional half hour for cycling, 3 km in one direction).

Price of the program:
- 52 € (the price includes the entrance ticket for the Park for 2 adults and a maximum of 2 children, a guided tour through the Museum of Salt-making, guided salt-collecting program and a bicycle rental).
- For individual visitors, the price is 25 € per person
Reservations are mandatory. More info at #EM#766e66666a6c28686f656f6f654d7d607c787c763a667f#EM#.

* The participation in the program is at your own risk. We reserve the right to cancel the program.
* Visitors must carry with them a personal document for crossing the Slovenian border inspection post. We advise you to bring along sun protection (sunscreen, hats) and water.

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