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Birdwatching with an expert

The Bird watching is the observation of birds in nature. Is an extraordinary passion that can capture everyone, adults and children.

The world of Birding is an endless discovery because there are infinite species of birds to be observed, like the many different habitats in which to practice, colored like the four seasons of the year. So far, 300 bird species have been established at the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. And why can we find so many different birds here? The salt-pans constitute a large water body, which the birds use as their roosting site or wintering grounds.

All seasons are suitable for birdwatching, but the most fascinating are spring and autumn, owing to a higher concentration of species as well as to the colours of the surrounding environment.

The Birdwatching program takes 3 hours. Maximum number of participants is 12. Suitable footwear and clothing depending on weather conditions are recommended.

A visit should be preliminarily announced by a webform "Book a Guided Tour", by which the availability of guided tours can also be checked (at least 7 days prior to arrival).

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