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The 5-year project, which runs from October 2022 to September 2027, is financed by the European LIFE fund. The leading partner of the project is WWF Italy, and 7 Italian and 2 Slovenian partners participate in the project (in addition to the KPSS, the KP Ljubljansko barje).
The project is aimed at the conservation and repopulation of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) by implementing activities aimed at improving the natural habitats of the European pond turtle and by removing invasive non-native species from nature and raising public awareness.

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New breeding islands for rare and endangered birds in the LIFE area

In the last days new breeding islands for rare and endangered bird species were constructed in the frame of LIFE MANSALT project.

With light construction machinery we built 45 new islands of different shapes, heights and sizes. The largest island is more than 50 m long and about 6 m wide. In this area are nesting numerous Common Terns, Little Terns, Avocets, Black-winged Stilts and the Redshanks, as well as the Kentish Plovers. Some of the muddy islands remained after the construction works in the early 80's in this area. Since the conditions for the construction of these islands were optimal this year (little rain, better accessibility due to other LIFE works..), we decided to build new mud islands, where nesting birds could find their new nesting site in the following year. With the new islands built the basins can now be completely flooded with sea water which will stop the mammalian predators such as the fox and marten.

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