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Project LIFE URCA PROEMYS in Florence

Thursday, February 16, and Friday, February 17 were important days for the LIFE URCA PROEMYS project. On Thursday, the first visit of the project supervisor took place at the University of Florence, which was attended by all partners.

In the presence of the supervisor, who was authorized by the LIFE program to evaluate the progress and appropriateness of the project implementation, the main partner presented the project's activities to date and the challenges we are facing in its implementation.

On Friday, an important workshop took place, attended by 75 experts, which contributed to the preparation of a comprehensive management plan for the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis). The plan will be one of the most important results of the LIFE URCA PROEMYS project, which is fighting for the conservation of this native freshwater turtle, threatened by various factors.

At the workshop, the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park also presented the conservation status of the European pond turtle in Slovenia and the activities that have been carried out in the past to improve it.

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