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PROJECT LIFE MANSALT - Man and Nature in Sečovlje pans

In Sečovlje Salina Nature Park since October 2010 we performed MANSALT LIFE - Man and Nature in Sečovlje pans. The main objective of the project is to preserve biodiversity in the Salina.
"The project resources from the LIFE financial instrument of the European Communities and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia"

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Environmentally-friendly transport in the Park

Within the framework of the work package entitled "Sustainable management: parks as examples of good practice«, a study on environmentally-friendly transport was implemented during the project duration in Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. From the visitors we wished to get their opinion about the reasonableness and utility of electric vehicles for transportation through the Park. We purchased two Elefteria electric bikes, which could be used by the visitors at Lera free of charge. After the tests, they were kindly requested to fill in a questionnaire.

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Welcome to nature

In the period 2010-2013 nine parks – four from Slovenia and five from Italy – have designed and implemented a range of activities in the framework of the Climaparks project. This publication presents part of research results and the solutions tested through pilot projects. Besides our professional work, we have also made a lot of interesting presentations and programmes for visitors. Visit all project partners and learn more about our activities. For more information, please go to www.climaparks.eu. Enjoy your tour of nature parks!

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Collection of scientific and professional papers ofthe project Climaparks

Presented here is a collection of scientific and professional papers based on the research activities conducted in the scope of the project Climaparks – Climate Change and Management of Protected Areas. Nine protected areas from Slovenia and Italy have worked together on this project for over three and a half years. As the project title implies, Climaparks was not solely a research project.

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Final conference of the strategic project Climaparks

In the Friday, 18.10.2013 in Portorož ended a three-day gathering of the partners of the strategic project ClimaParks. On Wednesday 10/16/2013 in the visitor center at Lera (KPSS) held a meeting of partners, one day later (17/10/2013) in the Emerald room of GH Bernardin held the final conference, which was attended by about 100 participants and 13 speakers. The Friday, 10/18/2013, the project partners interacting at the final boat trip Laho.

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