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PROJECT LIFE MANSALT - Man and Nature in Sečovlje pans

In Sečovlje Salina Nature Park since October 2010 we performed MANSALT LIFE - Man and Nature in Sečovlje pans. The main objective of the project is to preserve biodiversity in the Salina.
"The project resources from the LIFE financial instrument of the European Communities and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia"

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Due to urgent maintenance work on the Lera power grid, park is expected to be open until 2pm today. After that, it will be possible to enter the Park only exceptionally for a walk, as there will be no facilities available for visitors (visitor center, refreshment room ...). Visitors will be informed at the park's reception at Lera.

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Happy 2018!

Wishing You a Jooyous Holiday Season an a successful and Satisfying New Year.

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Visitors are informed that on Thursday 17.8.2017 the electric train at Fontaniggeah will not be available.

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The summer is hot and the distances in the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park (SSNP) are long, so from 25.7.2017 to 31.8.2017 individual visitors with the purchase of the entrance ticket for the visit of the SSNP and the Museum of Salt-making will be allowed a free return journey with an electric train. From Monday to Friday, the train will depart at 12.00 from the reception at the Fontanigge entrance to the Museum of Salt-making, with the return at 13.00 from the Salt-making Museum to the reception. We are looking forward to your visit.

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World Wetlands Day 2014: Wetlands and agriculture

February each year is World Wetlands Day, the Convention's annual campaign day.
2014 is the UN International Year of Family Farming – so the Ramsar Convention chose Wetlands & Agriculture as the World Wetlands Day theme for 2014. And what a great theme for Ramsar, given that wetlands are so often intimately linked with agriculture. Our slogan? Wetlands and Agriculture: Partners for Growth, placing a focus on the need for the wetland and agricultural sectors (and the water sector too of course) to work together for the best shared outcomes.

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