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PROJECT LIFE MANSALT - Man and Nature in Sečovlje pans

In Sečovlje Salina Nature Park since October 2010 we performed MANSALT LIFE - Man and Nature in Sečovlje pans. The main objective of the project is to preserve biodiversity in the Salina.
"The project resources from the LIFE financial instrument of the European Communities and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia"

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New issue of the council's periodical ''Solni cvet'' (the Flower of salt) and the third LIFE poster is out!

On page 32 of this issue, you can again read an article on the LIFE MANSALT project. We wish you a pleasant reading! We have prepared the third poster in the series of four, which presents nature in SSNP between December and February. All those who wish the poster to be sent to their home addresses, please send a mail to barbara.sovinc@soline.si. The senders of the first ten mails will receive the poster free of charge at their homes.

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