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PROJECT LIFE MANSALT - Man and Nature in Sečovlje pans

In Sečovlje Salina Nature Park since October 2010 we performed MANSALT LIFE - Man and Nature in Sečovlje pans. The main objective of the project is to preserve biodiversity in the Salina.
"The project resources from the LIFE financial instrument of the European Communities and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia"

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Salt pans and LIFE MANSALT in the European Parliament in Brussels

On Tuesday, 28th May Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and LIFE MANSALT project were presented at the exhibition in the European Parliament opened by the Slovene Member of the European Parliament, dr. Romana Jordan. The exhibiton was attended by 60 people (members of EP, ambassador, other guests). The main purpose of the exhibition was to present this unique piece of rich biodiversity and cultural heritage and at the same time to highlight the importance of European projects, like the ongoing LIFE MANSALT project for Natura 2000 sites. At this occasion we also presented to the guests the trailer of the upcoming film LIFE – High Life.

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World Wetlands Day 2014: Wetlands and agriculture

February each year is World Wetlands Day, the Convention's annual campaign day.
2014 is the UN International Year of Family Farming – so the Ramsar Convention chose Wetlands & Agriculture as the World Wetlands Day theme for 2014. And what a great theme for Ramsar, given that wetlands are so often intimately linked with agriculture. Our slogan? Wetlands and Agriculture: Partners for Growth, placing a focus on the need for the wetland and agricultural sectors (and the water sector too of course) to work together for the best shared outcomes.

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